The Search for the Best Freight Rate Management Platform

  • cleader_icon February 4, 2018

Best Freight Rate Management Platform

With the recent 2017 Top Logistics IT Provider awards by Inbound Logistics Magazine, many new faces have emerged. With so many IT providers, shippers no longer must break the bank to invest in new IT solutions. Shippers have a choice between acquiring logistics technology solutions from their 3PLs and/or carriers or purchasing Transportation Management Systems directly from IT providers. Most IT providers sell similar TMS systems to shippers and logistics providers configured slightly differently and adapted to their specific needs.
One essential component that both shippers and logistics providers require is Freight Rate Management. The complexity of freight rates is overwhelming with surcharges and service constraints, compounded with a vast array of options for ocean, air, trucking, rail, and intermodal transport. Finding the best freight rate with the service you want is nearly impossible without having a Freight Rate Management Platform crunching the numbers and exploring all routing options.
When surveyed what transportation and logistics challenges are most critical to shippers and logistics providers seeking a Freight Rate Management solution?
The answer centers around four elements: Cost Reduction, Visibility, Integration, Data Management, and Customer Service.

  • Cost Reduction: The goal is to find a Freight Rate Management Platform that delivers bottom-line costs savings measured in increased company profitability.

  • Visibility: A platform that provides end-to-end supply chain visibility from door-to-door with cost breakdowns for every transport leg. And, provides collaboration with corporate, offices, carriers, and suppliers.

  • Integration: A platform that is fast and inexpensive to deploy and has a quick user learning curve with minimal training required. And, can be integrated and adapted with existing ERP and TMS software.

  • Data Management: Data management features for upload of freight rates in many different formats and the ability to display data based on the user’s needs. A solution to improve spot quoting capabilities and more efficiently respond to customer freight requirements.

  • Customer Service: Customer Service with a “Need For Speed” to provide information on the phone immediately without customers having to wait or you having to call them back.


Is there a ‘perfect’ Freight Rate Management solution among the 2017 Top Logistics IT Provider?
Many IT Providers will say what they think you need and want. But, can they deliver?
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