Port Technology Releases Report : AI and Intelligence Affecting Logistical Supply Chain

Port Technology Releases Report: AI & Intelligence Affecting Logistical Supply Chain


PTI Porttechnology.org is proud to announce that Edition 77 of The Journal of Ports and Terminals is now available for our audience online.


The edition – entitled AI & Intelligence – forms the academic underpinning of the upcoming CTAC conference, and also ­sees the introduction of three new subsections within the popular Automation and Optimization section.


The new subsections are Artificial Intelligence, Automated Intelligence and Intelligent Supply Chains. You can view the edition online here: https://www.porttechnology.org/journal_archive/pti_edition_77_artificial_automated_supply_chain_intelligence


PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “The conversation regarding technology in ports has gotten so vast, myself and the team couldn’t justify having just one automation section.


“Technological advancement is taking so many forms in the industry and forcing us to broaden out the conversation to artificial intelligence, port-centric robotics [automated intelligence] and the wider ocean and logistical supply chain.


“The quality of the edition is very, very high. I’m eager for all of our delegates for the upcoming [Container Terminal Automation] conference to read this edition as there’s some important material therein that lays the foundation for the discussions to take place at our event.”


The PTI Container Terminal Automation Conference is to run from March 14-15, 2018 at the Grange Hotel in London.