Supply Chain Trends Webinar

Supply Chain Trends Webinar


Five Supply Chain Trends You Can’t Ignore
Webinar: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 2PM EDT


It’s no secret that technology is revolutionizing the way shippers think about their supply chains. But the biggest evolution is that supply chain is now at the heart of nearly every business decision a company needs to make.


So it’s imperative that supply chain practitioners move past simply familiarizing themselves with the tech buzzwords they constantly hear, and begin understanding how relevant and mature those concepts are on the path to broader supply chain digitization.


This one-hour session will focus on practical examples of how shippers are grappling with:

– Amazon Effect, and the impact it’s had on consumer and B2B expectations
– Supply Chain Visibility, core to any tactical and strategic decision-making
– IoT, and the explosion of trackable devices
– Machine learning, and its supply chain applications
– Blockchain, beyond the hype


Expert panelists include:
– Greg Kefer, Vice President, Marketing, Infor
– Heidi Benko, Vice President, Product Management & Solutions Strategy, Infor
– Eric Johnson, Research Director, American Shipper


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